First place trophy - preshift contest miner making a gas test.

West Virginia Office of Miners' Health Safety and Training

2002 West Virginia State Mine Rescue Contest
Photo Gallery

July 17-18, 2002
Beckley West Virginia
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Photo Captions
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Preshift Contest
1. Pre Shift Checklist.
2. Judging.
3. Filling out reports.
4. Taking an air reading.

1. Pre Shift Trophy.
2. Trophies.
3. Head Table.
4. Banquet.


Presentation Of Awards

1. First Place Mine Rescue - Pinnacle Team presented by Director Conaway and Deputy Director Philips. 
2. Eastern Associated Coal Corp., Southern Appalachia team receives first place trophy for First Aid.
3. Director Conaway and Deputy Director Philips present first place trophy for Combination to Eastern's. Southern Appalachia team
4. Harry McGinnis of Eastern Associated Coal Corp. Federal No.2 receives the Governor's Trophy for the Bench Contest.
5. Greg Neil receives first place in the Pre- Shift contest from Director Conaway and Deputy Director Philips.
6. U.S. Steel Mine Rescue Team, 2002 Champions.
7. Greg Neil receives a Governor's Trophy from Director Conaway and Deputy Director Philips
8. A special recognition trophy presented to Mr. Dave Wolfe of MSHA by Mike Rutledge for 27 years of Mine Rescue work.


Pre-shift Contest Photographs

Preshift contest - doing a Pre-shift checklist
      Preshift contest, judging. preshift3.jpg (74247 bytes)     Preshift contest, filling out reports. preshift4.jpg (26608 bytes)     Preshift contest, taking an air sample. preshift5.jpg (39571 bytes)

Awards and Banquet

First place trophy - preshift contest.      Contest trophies and awards. Trophies.jpg (31520 bytes)       Photo showing the head table at the banquetl. headtable.jpg (20404 bytes)        Photo of the awards banquet. Banquet.jpg (121023 bytes)     

Presentation of Awards

Director Conaway presenting the First Place , Mine Rescue trophy. Mrchamp.jpg (22904 bytes)
   Award2.jpg (17927 bytes)    award3.jpg (18776 bytes)   Award4.jpg (17663 bytes)

Greg Neil receives the first place - pre shift trophy from Director Conaway. Winnerpre.jpg (18896 bytes)   U.S. Steel Pinnacle Mine Rescue team.  Greg Neil receives the Governor's trophy for Director Conaway. Governors.jpg (20697 bytes)   A special recognition trophy is presented to Mr.  for his years of Mine Rescue work.Special.jpg (20605 bytes)

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