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WV Mine Disasters 1884 to Present 

2019 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(1)  March 7, 2019 South Fork Coal Company, LLC, Blue Knob Surface (S00300511) Greenbrier County, WV Preliminary information indicates victim received head injuries sustained during a fall from a highwall miner. Investigative report  

2018 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(1)  February 6, 2018 Wolf Run Mining, LLC, Sentinel Mine (U00001583D) Barbour County, WV  Preliminary information indicates victim died when he was struck by a coal rib roll while working on a continuous mining machine.  Investigative report

 February 21, 2018  Bundy Auger Mining, Inc. (S0301013-A), a production contractor for Pocahontas Coal Company, LLC, Devils Fork high wall Miner #2 (S00301013) Raleigh County, WV  Preliminary information indicates the victim died while performing electrical work on a highwall miner. The victim was a highwall miner operator for Bundy Auger Mining, Inc. Investigative report

(3)  June 5, 2018  Carter Roag Coal Company, Morgan Camp Mine  (U00201297)  Randolph County, WV  Preliminary information indicates the victim sustained head injuries as he was riding mantrip that struck a steel object in the roadway.  Investigative report

(4) October, 17, 2018 Princess Polly Anna & JCT Enterprises LLC, Surface Mine #1 (S00300212) Greenbrier County, WV Preliminary information indicates the injuries occurred when the victim was struck in the side by a piece of auger drill steel. Investigative report



2017 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(1)  February 3, 2017 Greenbrier Minerals, LLC, Elk Lick Loadout (L00000957) Logan County, WV  The truck bed turned over while dumping after the load failed to clear from the bed. The driver of the truck jumped from the truck and received fatal injuries.  Victim died from complications of his injuries on February 10, 2017.  Investigative Report

February 23, 2017 CK Coal Corporation, CK Mine No. 5 (U00503108) Mingo County, WV   A piece of mine roof, measuring in size approximately of 3' x 5' x 3" in an area 9' high, fell striking the section foreman.  The victim died from complications of his injuries on April 6, 2017.   Investigative Report

February 27, 2017 Justice Low Seam Mining, JC "Jim" II Prep Plant (L00000960) McDowell County, WV  The victim fell approximately 20 feet onto a moving conveyor belt.  Investigative Report

May 18, 2017  Pinnacle Mining Company, LLC, Pinnacle Mine (U00020483A)  Wyoming County, WV  The victim was fatally injured while operating a DC trolley powered track locomotive.  Investigative Report

June 13, 2017   Rockwell Mining, LLC, Gateway Eagle Mine  (D00008482C)  Boone County, WV   The victim was operating a continuous mining machine and was pinned by the machine cutter head against the coal mine rib resulting in fatal injuries.    Investigative Report

August 25, 2017   Carter Roag Coal Company, Pleasant Hill Mine  (U00104391B)   Randolph / Upshur County, WV   Victim attempted to cross conveyor belt tailpiece on offisde of belt drive area.  Attempt to cross failed when he fell onto the energized / operating conveyor belt and received blunt force trauma. Investigative Report

October 23, 2017    Marfork Coal Company, LLC, Horse Creek Eagle Mine   (U00300104)   Raleigh County, WV   The victim was discovered missing, and was later found deceased in the raw coal stockpile.  Cause of death is unknown at this time.  Victim was a belt man and fire boss at the mine.  Investigative Report

December 29, 2017   Revelation Energy, LLC, S7 Surface Mine  (S00303991A)  Fayette County, WV  The victim was operating a D-9 Dozer that traveled over a highwall.  Under investigation.

2016 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(1)  January 4, 2016  Greenbrier Minerals, LLC, Lower War Eagle Mine  (U00400299B), Wyoming County, WV  Victim received fatal injuries when he was caught between a six inch hold down roller and the bottom of the bottom belt located at the No. 1 belt discharge area.  Investigative Report

(2)  May 16, 2016  ACI Tygart Valley, Leer Mine (U--200406A), Taylor County, WV  Victim received fatal injuries while operating locomotive that traveled through metal air lock door.  Investigative Report

(3)  July 29, 2016; Victim died from injuries - August 4, 2016  Spartan Mining Company, Road Fork #51 Mine;  (U400105A), Wyoming County  Victim sustained injuries July 29, 2016 from an ignition in a mine shaft of the underground mine.  The miner was on the surface at the time of the incident working on a pump installation.  Victim passed away August 4, 2016 from injuries received July 29, 2016.   Investigative Report

2015 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(1)  March 8, 2015  McElroy Coal Company, McElroy Mine  (U00003383)  Marshall County, WV  (Murray American Energy, Inc.)  A longwall coordinator was fatally injured after being struck by a fall of face and rib while shoveling loose material between the longwall face and panline.    Investigative Report

(2)  March 17, 2015  Rogers Petroleum Services, Inc.  (C00004637)  Contractor,  Kanawha County, WV;  Republic Energy Surface Mine (S00302195)  A fuel truck driver was fatally injured when his fuel truck overturned on a surface mine haulroad. Investigative Report

2014 Fatal Mining Accidents
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[1]     January 16, 2014  Mettiki Coal Company, E- Mine, (U00200104)  Tucker County, WV  General laborer was fatally injured when he was pinned between the rib and feeder while repairing belt. Investigative Report

[2]    April 18, 2014 Allied Barton Security, (C00002481), Law River Co., LLC, Crown Hill Dock (L00000801) Kanawha County, WV  Security Guard drowned in sediment pond.  Investigative Report

[3-4]  May 12, 2014 Patriot Coal Company, Brody #1 Mine (U0501304-A) Boone County, WV  A coal outburst occurred resulting in a double fatality, the continuous miner operator and the roof bolter operator who was operating the MRS unit were fatally injured.  The accident occurred on the #1 section in the #6 entry during second mining.  Investigative Report

[5]    November 10, 2014 Red Bone Mining Company, Crawdad #1 Portal B (U007683B-A)  Monongalia County, WV  A section foreman was fatally injured after being struck by a piece of rock while operating a roof bolting machine.  Investigative Report

2013 Fatal Mining Accidents
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[6]     October 4, 2013  McElroy Coal Company, McElroy Mine, (U00003383)  Marshall County, WV  A longwall maintenance coordinator was fatally injured while sheaving longwall pan chain at the 8B longwall setup.  Investigative Report

[5]     March 13, 2013  Newtown Energy, Inc., Peerless Rachel Mine, (U00500504) Boone County, WV  A roof bolt operator was fatally injured from a roof fall, he was installing roof bolts at the time of the accident.  Investigative Report

[4]    February 19, 2013  Pocahontas Coal Company, LLC, Affinity Mine, (U00015282A) Raleigh County, WV  A shuttle car operator was fatally injured while shoveling ribs when he was struck by a scoop.  Investigative Report

[3]     February 12, 2013  Consolidation Coal Company, LLC, Loveridge Mine, (D00000403) Marion County, WV  A  miner was injured on February 12th when a metal bar he was using to help put a loaded supply car back on the track, kicked out and struck him.  The victim died from his injuries on February 14, 2013.         Investigative Report

[2]     February 7, 2013  Pocahontas Coal Company, LLC, Affinity Mine, (U00015282A) Raleigh County, WV  The scoop operator positioned the scoop bucket onto the elevator to drop off a tray loaded with trash when the elevator unexpectedly started going up toward the surface the scoop was pulled upward by the elevator.  The operator came out of the scoop, the scoop broke loose from the elevator and fell crushing the operator.  Investigative Report

[1]     February 6, 2013  Midland Trail Energy, LLC, Blue Creek Preparation Plant (L-908) Kanawha County, WV  An employee was fatally injured when the jacks for the filter press failed and the 18�" diameter housing broke loose pinning the victim causing fatal injuries.  Investigative Report

2012 Fatal Mining Accidents
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 [7]    November 30, 2012 Consolidation Coal Co.,  Robinson Run No. 95 Mine  (D00004786S) Marion County  The accident occurred approximately at 12:15 pm, the victim was operating a dozer on a slurry impoundment, the ground gave way causing dozer to fall into the water.  Investigative Report

[6]    November 30, 2012 White Buck Coal Co.,  Pocahontas Mine  (U00300705A) Greenbrier County  The accident occurred approximately at 1:30 am, the victim was pinned between a miner and scoop.  Investigative Report

[5]     September 13, 2012 Consolidated Coal Co., Blacksville #2 Mine  (D00005744) Monongalia County  The miner was attempting to raise the trolley wire at an outby location when a large piece of rock fell, pinning the victim against the mine rib and floor.   Investigative Report

[4]     July 31, 2012 ICG Beckley, L.L.C., Beckley Pocahontas Mine (U00301195A) Raleigh County  A miner was struck by a scoop.   Investigative Report

[3]     July 26, 2012 Coal River Mining, L.L.C., Fork Creek Number 10 (U00500509) Boone County, WV  A miner was struck and pinned by the continuous miner during an equipment move.  Investigative Report

[2]     May 17, 2012 Independence Coal Company, Liberty Processing Plant (L-699) Boone County, WV  A mechanic fell approximately three stories at this coal handling facility where he worked for the past 13 years.  Investigative Report

[1]    March 10, 2012 Kingston Mining, Inc., Kingston No. 2 Mine (U0030601) Fayette County, WV  A section foreman while operating a continuous mining machine was struck by a rib roll.  Investigative Report

2011 Fatal Mining Accidents
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[6]     October 17 , 2011 Consolidation Coal Co . Shoemaker Mine (D00004791) Marshall County  WV  An employee working on the surface area of an underground Mine was fatally injured when he was struck and run over by a DC electrically operated piece of equipment.  Investigative Report

[5]     August 15 , 2011 Mingo Logan Coal Co. Mountaineer II Mine (U00503197) Logan County WV  The victim, a long wall move crewman was fatally injured by falling rock while engaged in the removal of long wall  roof support shields.  Investigative Report

[4]     July 26 , 2011 Superior Processing,  Plant McDowell County.  (L00000839) Contractor , Mike Dover Corporation (C00006446)  At approximately 8:44 p.m. a fatal accident occurred at the Superior Processing Plant , the victim was employed by the Mike Dover Corporation an independent contractor.  Investigative Report

[3]     June 27, 2011 Rhino Eastern, L.L.C., Eagle No. 1 Mine, Raleigh County (U00400591B) Raleigh County  At approximately 1 a.m., a crew leader was struck by a rib roll while preparing to install timbers. The accident occurred in the #4 South section of the mine.    Investigative Report

[2]     May 14, 2011 Apogee Coal Co., L.L.C., Guyan Surface Mine (S00500701A) Logan County  A machinery accident occurred at this mine at approximately 8 p.m.  The victim, a mechanic, was removing the counter-weight of a Caterpillar end-loader when the weight fell.  Investigative Report

[1]     January 27, 2011 Baylor Mining, Inc., Jims Branch No. 3A (U00400196B) Wyoming County  A fatal accident involving a conveyor belt occurred at this mine shortly after 12p.m. The victim was found lying on the belt directly beneath the chute at the section belt transfer point. The victim was an apprentice (red hat) miner with just over 90 days mining experience.  Investigative Report

2010 Fatal Mining Accidents
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[35]   December 4, 2010   Medford Trucking, LLC (C00006067) contractor:  Republic Energy Surface Mine S00302195 Kanawha/Fayette County  A coal haulage accident occurred at this mine site at approximately 5 PM. The victim, a driver was thrown from the vehicle and was pinned when the truck overturned.   Investigative Report

[34]   October 11, 2010 Kingston Mining, Inc. Glen Alum Mine U00300496  Fayette County  The victim, a roof bolter operator was killed by a roof fall at approximately 10:30 a.m.  Investigative Report

[33]   July 29, 2010 Consolidation Coal Co. Loveridge Mine, D00000403 Marion County  Preliminary information indicates that the victim, was caught in a rib-roll and pushed against a piece of equipment.  Investigative Report.

(32)   July 1, 2010 White Buck Coal Co., Pocahontas Mine U00300705A Greenbrier County  At approximately 8:30 a.m., the victim, an electrician was run over by a shuttle car.  Investigative Report.

[31]   May 10, 2010 (victim died May 21, 2010) Spartan Mining Co., Ruby Energy Mine U0501996-A Mingo County  The victim, a continuous miner operator was injured on May 10 at approximately 12:30 when he was pinned between a piece of equipment and the mine rib.  Investigative Report

[30]   April 22, 2010 (victim died April 24, 2010) ICG Beckley, LLC Beckley Pocahontas Mine U00301195A Raleigh County  The victim, a miner operator, was pinned and crushed between the miner boom and the rib.  Investigative Report.

[1-29] April 5, 2010 Performance Coal Co., UBBMC Montcoal Eagle Mine (U00304292) Raleigh County  An explosion at this mine claimed the lives of 29 miners.  Investigative Report

2009 Fatal Mining Accidents
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[3]     October 27, 2009 Newtown Energy Inc, Eagle Mine (U0017983AA) Boone County   At approximately 7 a.m. a fatal accident occurred at this mine.  One miner was killed and two other miners sustained injuries in a hoisting accident.  Investigative Report

[3]      July 28, 2009 Hawkeye Contracting Co., LLC (C00005343) contractor, Catenary Coal Co., Samples Mine S00302390 Boone/Kanawha County   At approximately 10 a.m. a fatal surface haulage accident occurred at this operation.  The victim was operating an articulated truck (lizard truck) near the sediment pond.  When he backed up the truck, it went into the pond.  Investigative Report

[1]     February 6, 2009 Medford Trucking, LLC (C00006067) contractor, Republic Energy Surface Mine S00302195 Kanawha/Fayette County  At approximately 9:30 a.m. a fatal accident occurred involving a coal truck at this operation. 
Investigative Report

2008 Fatal Mining Accidents
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[9]     December 29, 2008 McElroy Coal Co., Ireland Loadout Facility, L00000675, Marshall County   A drowning accident occurred at approximately 10 p.m. at this facility.  The victim disappeared while checking moored river barges for excessive amounts of water in the cargo area of the barges.   Investigative Report

[8]     October 19, 2008 McElroy Coal Co., McElroy Mine, U00003383, Marshall County.  A fatal haulage accident occurred at approximately 12:15 p.m.  The victim was caught between a locomotive and another rail car when they were struck by another locomotive.  Investigative Report

[7]     October 8, 2008 Mountaineer Labor Solutions C00007776 (Contractor) Independence Coal Co., Inc., Justice Mine No. 1, Boone County.  A fatal accident occurred at a Boone County underground mine when a trainee / red hat miner was struck by a track mounted supply car and pinned against the mine rib. The accident occurred on October 8, 2008. The accident occurred when a trip of cars was being pushed into a rail spur. The individual had approximately 4 months experience at the time of the accident.           Investigative Report

(6) September 19, 2008(Died October 4, 2008) Alex Energy No. 1 Mine S00301391A (Contractor: AJM Corp. dba Battle Creek), Nicholas County.    A bulldozer operator / foreman with an independent contractor was injured at a Nicholas County surface mine on September 19, 2008. The individual was operating a bulldozer on a steep slope when it overturned and rolled an estimated 4 to 5 times. The individual remained hospitalized until he ultimately passed away on October 4, 2008. Investigative Report

(5) August 22, 2008, B. & L. Trucking C00005543 (Contractor) Bluestone Coal Co., Haul Road O000007383, McDowell County.  
A coal truck driver died on a haul road at Bluestone Coal Co in McDowell County. The driver exited his vehicle while it was in motion and was apparently run over by the coal truck. Investigative Report

(4) June 5, 2008, Consolidation Coal Co., Robinson Run #95 Mine, D0004786S, Marion County.  A motorman died in a haulage accident involving a 20 ton locomotive.  Apparently the victim lost control of the motor on a grade and either fell or jumped from the locomotive. Investigative Report

(3) May 30, 2008,  Wolf Run Mining Co., Sentinel Mine U00001583D Barbour County  An 18 year old apprentice miner was fatally injured when run over by a scoop. Investigative Report

(2) May 16, 2008, Aracoma Coal Co., Aracoma Alma No. 1 U00500699, Logan County.  The victim, a 24 year old electrician was electrocuted at approximately 9:00 p.m. While attempting to make electrical repairs to a shuttle car, the victim cut into a cable with a set of cable cutters and received a fatal shock. Investigative Report

(1) March 12,2008, Workman Repair Service C00007619 (Contractor) Appalachian Fuels, Alloy Preparation Plant L00000829, Fayette County.  An independent contractor was performing repairs under a bulldozer when a hinged steel plate known as a "belly pan" fell pinning him against the ground.  The victim was the owner/operator of Workman Repair Services.  Investigative Report

2007 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(10) December 4, 2007 (Died December 15, 2007) Spartan Mining Co., DBA Mammoth, Stockton No. 1 and No. 130 Mines U00304291A, Kanawha County.  The victim was changing bottom rollers on an overland belt on the surface, when the belt unexpectedly started. The victim was apparently positioned on the bottom belt and fell approximately 39 feet after traveling approximately 40 feet on the belt.  Investigative Report

(9)  November 4, 2007 (Died January 2, 2008) Weatherby Processing, Remington Preparation Plant, L00000732, Kanawha County.  The victim and another worker were performing maintenance work at the Remington Preparation Plant on November 4th. At approximately 7:30 a.m. the victim fell from the plant's third floor to the first floor. The victim died from his injuries January 2, 2008.  Investigative Report

(8) October 28, 2007 Long Branch Energy Mine No. 23, U0014382-A, Boone County.  A crew was cleaning  a belt and building cribs when the victim was struck by rock/coal. Investigative Report

(7) October 20, 2007 Carter Roag Coal Co., Pleasant Hill Mine, U0014391B, Randolph County. The victim was fatally injured when he was caught between the beltline and the continuous haulage dolly. Investigative Report

(6) September 16, 2007 Coalfield Services, Inc. C00001125 (Contractor) Mingo Logan Coal Company Mountaineer No. 2 Mine, U00503197, Logan County. The victim was fatally injured at approximately 6:50 - 7:00 a.m. when he apparently fell down a return airshaft at the Mountaineer No. 2 Mine.  Investigative Report.

(5) September 3, 2007 Consol of Kentucky, Inc., Bronzite Mine, U00503886B, Mingo County.   At approximately 5 p.m. a roof fall occurred, fatally injuring a miner operator. MHS&T continues to investigate the accident. Investigative Report.

(4) August 4, 2007, (Died August 6) Rockhouse Creek Development, No. 8 Mine, U00500204, Mingo County. This machinery accident occurred on Saturday, August 4 2007 at about 6:15 a.m.  The victim was helping a mechanic make some repairs to a continuous miner when the machine's torque shaft came loose.  The victim died Monday, August 6, 2007 as a result of his injuries.  Investigative Report.

(3) April 25, 2007 Capitol Cement Corp. (ESSROC) Martinsburg Plant Q00011173, Berkeley County.  A haulage accident at this quarry occurred at approximately 3 p.m.  Investigative Report.

(1-2)  January 13, 2007 Brooks Run Mining Co., LLC, Cucumber Mine U00400101, McDowell County.  Two mine employees were fatally injured by a roof fall at approximately 10:45 a.m. The mine crew was engaged in a pillaring operation when the accident occurred. Investigative Report

2006 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(25) December 17. 2006 Dana Mining Co., Inc.,  Prime No. 1U00000251A, Monongalia County.  At approximately 7:30 p.m., Three workers were riding a rubber-tired man trip into the underground mine when a roof fall occurred at an intersection. Two of the workers were able to jump out of the man trip; the victim could not. Investigative Report

(24) October 30, 2006 Double Bonus Coal Co., No. 65 Mine, U00400202, Wyoming County.  At approximately 7 a.m., a shuttle car operator was killed when the shuttle car he was repairing rolled and pinned him.  A second miner was seriously injured in this accident. Investigative Report

(23) October 20, 2006 Kingwood Mining Co., LLC, Whitetail Kittanning Mine, U00100798A, Preston County.   A continuous miner operator was crushed by a rib roll.  The accident occurred at approximately 2:00 p.m. with the victim being pinned between the rib roll and a shuttle car.  Investigative Report

(22) October 13, 2006 Frasure Creek Mining LLC, Mine No. 4 S00502201A, Mingo County.   A head-on vehicle collision between a delivery driver and a mine employee resulted in the death of the delivery driver. The accident occurred at approximately 11:20 a.m. on a mine haul-road. Investigative Report

(21) July 30, 2006 Circle M.Enterprises Inc., C00001268 (Contractor) Carter Roag Coal Co., Starbridge Preparation Plant, L00000840, Randolph County.  At approximately 3 PM a truck tire exploded fatally injuring the victim.  Apparently the victim had been working on the rim of the tire. Investigative Report

(20) July 21, 2006 Wackenhut Corp., C00001799 (Contractor) River Point LLC, River Point Dock L00000863, Kanawha County.   The victim, a security guard was found in a vehicle in a holding pond at this loadout facility.  Investigative Report

(19) May 24, 2006 Wolf Run Mining Co., Sycamore No. 2, U00200202A, Harrison County. At approximately 2:30 P.M. the victim was fatally injured while operating a scoop. He was struck by a large wooden board. Investigative Report

(18) April 7, 2006 Southern WV Resources, LLC, Spruce Creek Mine, U5785-AA, Mingo County.   The victim was operating a locomotive when he was struck by falling support beam at approximately 2:15 p.m.  Investigative Report

(17) April 7, 2006  Mystic Energy Inc., Candice No. 2, U00500793, Boone County.   A miner at the mine was killed at approximately 12:15 p.m. while operating a continuous-miner conveyor belt. Investigative Report

(16) February 1, 2006 Elk Run Coal Co., Black Castle Surface Mine, S00507586, Boone County.   The victim, a dozer operator was fatally injured when the dozer he was operating came in contact with a gas line.   Investigative Report

(15) February 1, 2006 Long Branch Energy, No. 18,U0001482, Boone County.   The victim was fatally injured by a rib roll.   Investigative Report

(13 - 14) January 19, 2006 Aracoma Coal Co., Inc., Aracoma Alma No. 1, U00500699, Logan County.  A fire on a belt line took the lives of two miners.  Investigative Report and Interview Transcripts

(1-12) January 2, 2006 Anker WV Mining Co., Inc., Sago Mine U00201698B, Upshur County.  An explosion took the lives of twelve miners. Investigative Report and Interview Transcripts

2005 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(4) November 8, 2005, Mettiki Coal, LLC (WV) Mettiki E Mine Haulroad (H-463, H-579) U00200104, Tucker County. At approximately 12a.m. a coal truck driver was fatally injured when his truck ran off the haulroad, rolled and collided with a guardrail. Investigative Report

(3) December 15, Arjay Mining Inc., Adkins Branch Mine No. 1A, U00401200A, McDowell County.  The victim, a roof bolter operator was fatally injured by a roof fall at approximately 12:40 pm.  He was working to install permanent roof support when the collapse occurred. This was a new opening and was advanced only about 10 feet underground in the Number One entry. Investigative Report

(2) May 11, Consolidation Coal Company, Shoemaker Mine, D00004791, Marshall County.  This accident occurred at approximately 2:00 P.M.  The victim, a Timberman, was walking ahead of a scoop on a longwall section.  They were delivering blocking material to set posts in the number one entry.  The victim was struck by the scoop. The victim was transported to the hospital where he died that evening. Investigative Report

(1) March 31, Coal River Mining LLC., Tiny Creek Mine Number 2, U00503798B, Lincoln County.  A continuous miner operator suffered fatal crushing injuries as a result of a roof fall.  The accident occurred at approximately 5:45 P.M. Investigative Report

2004 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(12) December 2,  Mountain Top Clearing LLC., C00006105 (Contractor) Catenary Coal Co., Samples Mine S00302390, Kanawha County.  The victim, a tree cutter, was struck by a tree causing fatal injuries. The tree he was cutting had a dead tree leaning against it.  The dead tree fell and hit him.  The accident occurred approximately 1:30 PM. Investigative Report

(11) November 20, Independence Coal Co., Red Cedar Surface Mine, S00503097A, Boone County.  At approximately 2 A.M. a surface miner was fatally injured by a fall of the highwall.  The victim was operating an excavator when a large section of the highwall collapsed and buried him. Investigative Report

(10) September 24, Wilson & Wilson (Contractor) American Bituminous Power Partners Barrackville Refuse O00100399, Marion County.  The victim, a 63 year old dozer operator died as a result of internal injuries received while working on this permit.  Investigative Report

(9) August 29, Died August 30, Williams Electric Inc. of WV C00001315 (Contractor) Hobet Mining No. 21- Westridge Surface Mine S00500396, Boone County.  At approximately 12 P.M. a Journeyman High Voltage Lineman was fatally injured by electrocution.  He was attempting to repair damage to a high voltage line on a power pole when there was an arc and and the victim fell from the pole.  He was transported to a hospital where he died the next day. Investigative Report

(8) August 17, McElroy Coal Co., McElroy Mine, U00003383. Marshall County.  At approximately 4:30 A.M. a roof-bolter operator was crushed in a rib fall accident. He was operating a roof bolter on a continuous miner section when the rib collapsed. Investigative Report

(7) June 10, Tug Valley Coal Processing, Prep. Plant No. 1, L00000232, Mingo County.  A surface haulage accident at this site claimed the life of a coal truck driver.  The victim was hauling a load of dirt, descending a grade when he apparently lost control of the the truck.  He either jumped or was ejected from the cab and was run over by the truck. Investigative Report

(6) April 3, Brooks Run Mining Co., LLC., Mercer Mine, U00200401A, Webster County. At approximately 11:45 P.M. a continuous miner operator was fatally injured at this operation.  The victim was operating a remote controlled continuous miner and was moving it to a new location when somehow he became pinned between the front of the machine and the mine rib. Investigative Report

(5) March 12, Mountain Top Clearing LLC., C00006105 (Contractor) Simmons Fork Mining Inc., Paynter's Branch Surface Mine S00400300, Wyoming County.  The victim, a tree cutter,  cut a tree, left it standing and started to cut on a second tree, when the first tree fell on him.  This accident occurred at approximately 12:45 PM.  Investigative Report

(4) March 2, 2004 Brooks Run Mining Co., LLC. Preparation Plant, L00000827, Webster County.  At approximately 4:00 P.M., a 50-year-old maintenance foreman was working on coal feeder chute, when the coal stockpile collapsed on him. Investigative Report

(3) February 10 (Died February 26), 2004 Colony Bay Coal Co., Colony Bay Surface Mine, S00500989, Boone County.  At approximately 6:30 P.M. a surface haulage accident occurred at this operation.  The victim, a truck driver was driving a service truck on the mines main access road. He was descending when the truck apparently went out of control and struck a berm alongside a sediment pond. The truck then traveled 70 feet along an access road parallel to the pond.  The truck slid down an embankment into the pond.  The victim was submerged for 2-3 minutes, he was then hospitalized until he died February 26. Investigative Report

(2) February 10, Raw Coal Mining Company, Inc., Cucumber Mine, U00401694B, McDowell County. The victim, a 26 year old roofbolter died as a result of injuries sustained in an underground haulage accident.  At approximately 7:30 A.M. the victim was operating a battery powered, track mounted mantrip when apparently the wheels locked up and he lost control of the vehicle. The mantrip struck a metal airlock door as he entered the mine, pinning him against the top of the mantrip. Investigative Report 

(1)  February 5, Spartan Mining Company, Ruby Energy Mine, U0501996-A, Mingo County.  At approximately 1:30 P.M. a 33 year-old electrician was electrocuted.  The victim was performing maintenance on the trailing cable of a continuous miner.  The cable was not locked and tagged out. Investigative Report

2003 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(8) October 24, Roblee Coal Co., Hackers Creek No. 1, Upshur County.  A mine utility man was fatally crushed by a large roof fall.  The victim and another employee were apparently setting posts around 10:30 A.M when the roof fell.  The other employee was able to avoid injury.  Investigative Report

(6 - 7) September 17, Progress Coal, MTR  Surface Mine, Boone County.  At approximately 6:30 A.M.two mine employees were killed when the van they were riding in was crushed by a Rock Truck. A third victim was severely injured.  The rock truck driver was unaware of the location of the van.  Investigative Report

(5) July 19, Performance Coal Co., UBBMC Montcoal Eagle Mine, Raleigh County.  At approximately 6:00 p.m. the victim, a 27 year old electrician was engaged in splicing the trailing cable on a shuttle car. The circuit had been de-energized and locked out. Five additional trailing cables and the waterline for the continuous miner were laying in mud and water near where the victim was working. These cables were in contact with each other and one other shuttle car cable contained two damaged places each exposing  different energized 480 VAC phase conductors. The victim was apparently electrocuted when he came in contact with the electrical power from the damaged cable.  Investigative Report

(4) March 23, Died April 10, Energy Plus Inc., Number 50 Mine, McDowell County.  The victim, a Section Foreman was injured in an electrical fire at an underground section power center on March 23rd.  The victim died April 10th from his injuries.  He had over 25 years total mining experience and had been employed at this mine for one year.  Investigative Report

(1 - 3) January 22, Central Cambria Drilling Co. (C00000618), McElroy Coal Company McElroy Mine, Marshall County. At approximately 1 A.M.,  an explosion occurred  at the bottom of a ventilation shaft being constructed for the McElroy Coal Co., McElroy Mine in Marshall County, near Cameron.  The work was being performed by Central Cambria Drilling.  Three employees of Central Cambria Drilling Co., were killed and three injured.  Investigative Report

2002 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(6) December 27, Mystic Energy Inc., Candice No. 2 Mine, Boone County.  At approximately 6:20 P.M. a 52 year old miner was fatally injured by a large roof fall.  A second miner received non life-threatening injuries in this accident.  The mining crew was involved in a pillaring operation and were relocating the mobile roof supports when the fall occurred. Investigative Report

(5) December 26 Catenary Coal Co., Samples Mine, Kanawha County.  The victim, was fatally injured when struck by a dragline.  The victim had completed his shift and left the mine, however for some reason he returned.  Investigative Report

(4) August 12, 2002 Titan Mining Inc., Laurel Fork Mine, Kanawha County.  At 2:00 p.m. a machinery accident occurred resulting in the death of a 23 year old equipment greaser.  The victim was walking behind a continuous mining machine that was being trammed to the outside for repairs when he was caught between the conveyor boom of the machine and the mine roof. Investigative Report

(3) April 10, 2002 Rockspring Development, Inc., No. 1 Mine, Wayne County.  At approximately 10:15 P.M. a 33 year old continuous miner operator was fatally injured in a roof fall accident.  This is the third roof fall fatality in West Virginia this year. The accident occurred at the Rockspring Development, Inc. No. 1 mine located near East Lynn in Wayne County.   Investigative Report

(2) February 20, 2002 Midland Trail Resources, Raider Run No. 2 Mine, Greenbrier County.  At approximately, 2:45 p.m. a large roof fall occurred trapping two miners while conducting pillaring operations. One victim, a continuous miner operator was seriously injured, while the second, a miner operator helper suffered fatal injuries. The injured miner was recovered 4 hours and 15 min. after the fall.  Investigative Report

(1) January 2, 2002 Independence Coal Co., Justice Mine, Boone County.  This roof fall accident occurred while mining a crosscut right off the No. 2 entry on the 7 Headgate section.  According to information obtained during the initial investigation, the continuous miner operator (victim) was in the process of backing the miner out of the first run in the crosscut when a piece of mine roof fell striking the victim and pinning him between the mine roof and floor. Investigative Report

2001 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(14) September 5, 2001 American Bituminous Power Partners, Rachel Site (Triplett brothers Excavating, Inc., contractor), Marion County.  The victim, a truck driver, was descending a grade with a load of dirt to be used in reclamation activity.  He lost control of the truck and attempted to jump free of the vehicle but was run over by the rear wheels.  The truck then descended a short distance came to rest in the upright position.   

(13) November 20, 2001 McElroy Coal Co., McElroy Mine, Marshall County.  A track crew was installing new rails and had with them a motor and rail car.  Two workers were placing plates and bolts on the track just behind the rail car when a third crew member went to switch out the rail car with the motor.  Instead of pulling away from the workers, he went toward them, striking both with the rail car.  There were fatal injuries to one of the miners.

(12) November 5, 2001 Roblee Coal Co., 108-I Mine, Barbour County.  The victim, a miner operator helper was assisting the miner operator during an extended cut when a section of roof fell, striking the victim and causing fatal injuries.

(11) November 1, 2001 Catenary Coal Co., Samples Mine (K.T. Trucking, Inc., contractor), Kanawha/Boone County.   The victim, a truck driver, was found on the passenger side of his truck having been crushed by the tandems. The preliminary investigation indicates he had set the hand brake and pulled the service glad-hand from the trailer without setting either park brake.

(10) October 26, 2001 Fork Creek Mining, Fork Creek #1 Mine, Boone County.  The victim, a Roofbolter Operator was fatally injured on 10-26-01,  The victim was pinned to the mine floor and the roof bolting machine when a section of the mine roof fell causing crushing injuries.  

(9) September 14, 2001 Independence Coal Co., Twilight MTR Surface Mine, (Cummins Cumberland, Inc., Contractor), Boone County.  The victim was an employee of Cummins Cumberland, Inc.  A maintenance crew was installing a large motor and were working from a raised platform.  Apparently, the platform gave way and the victim was struck by a brace from the platform.  He also fell 8-10 feet.

(8) August 27, 2001 Independence Coal Co., Cedar Grove No. 1 Mine, Raleigh County.  The victim was operating a remote control continuous miner, when a section of roof/rib fell striking and pinning him to the mine floor.

(7) July 23, 2001 Baylor Mining Inc., Jim's Branch No. 3A, Wyoming County.  A fatal accident occurred at about 8:00 a.m., July 23, 2001.  The victim, a continuous miner helper, was fatally injured when a section of roof fell, pinning him to the mine floor.  The section of roof that fell also covered the continuous mining machine.  The continuous miner operator narrowly escaped serious injury.

(6) May 29, 2001 Baylor Mining Inc., Baylor Mine, Raleigh County.  The victim, a section foreman, was involved in a roof fall accident.  This is the second roof fall fatality for the year 2001.  The first lift in pillaring operations had been completed and the foreman was helping to install a row of turn posts.  While setting the first post, a large section of roof fell striking the section foreman.

(5) April 12, 2001 Pine Ridge Coal Co., White Branch Mine, Boone County.  A fatal accident occurred at about 4:15 p.m., April 12, 2001.  The victim, a 50 year old miner operator, had finished a cut, backed out to let the bolter in, and pulled into a crosscut in order to pull slack in his cable.  Apparently he stopped the machine with the head out in the next entry, and was in the process of moving or arranging his cable when the second miner tramming down the entry struck the head.  The machine pivoted and pinned him against the rib.

(4) March 29, 2001 Performance Coal Co., Upper Big Branch Mine, Raleigh County.  Thursday, March 29th a miner was injured by a roof fall at this mine and died March 31st. The victim,  a continuous miner operator, received crushing injuries when a section of mine roof (measuring approximately 4'x6'x7") fell suddenly and without warning.  The accident scene was located in a fully roof bolted intersection leading into a pillar split.  Mining operations were not being conducted at the time. 

(3) March 14 , 2001 U.S. Steel Mining Co., LLC, Pinnacle Preparation Plant Wyoming County. On Wednesday, March 14, a utility maintenance worker at a mine preparation plat was reported missing around 10:00 p.m.  The plant was shut down and efforts began immediately to search the entire property.  On Thursday, March 15 at about 8:00 p.m., the victim's body was recovered from the raw coal silo.  The investigation thus far has revealed the victim may have been working in an area above a conveyor belt that feeds directly into the silo, and while working on this platform, he fell down onto the conveyor belt and was then carried into the storage silo.

(2) March  13, 2001 Glem Company (Contractor) Century Energy Corp., Still Run No. 4 mine, Wyoming County. On Tuesday, March 13, at 8:20 p.m. an electrical contractor working on the surface of an underground coal mine became West Virginia's second mine fatality of 2001.  While working inside a surface substation, the victim contacted an energized electrical circuit.

(1) February 2, 2001 Marfork Coal Co., Inc. Brushy Eagle Mine, Raleigh County. On Friday, February 2, a fatal track haulage accident occurred at an underground mine in Raleigh County.  The victim�s occupation was motorman.  The locomotive was pulling two supply cars up a steep grade; the victim lost control of the trip and descended back down out of control.  The motor and the cars wrecked causing fatal injuries to the motorman.   This is the first coal mining fatality of 2001.

2000 Fatal Mining Accidents
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(9) December 27, 2000 Tug Valley Processing, Tug Valley Prep. Plant, Mingo County. A mine foreman suffered fatal injuries while unplugging a frozen slurry line at this preparation plant.   The line was cut with a chain saw and when pressure was applied to clear the line, apparently the pipe struck the victim.  The slurry line was not fastened to prevent the line from propelling.

(8) October 30, 2000 Independence Coal Co., Justice Mine, Boone County. The eighth fatal accident of 2000 occurred when a miner was struck by a roof fall. Preliminary reports indicate the roof fell between roof supports.  The victim was transported to a hospital where he died from crushing injuries.

(7) October 24, 2000 Century Energy Corp., Sill Run No. 4 Mine, Wyoming County.  The victim a mobile bridge operator, was caught between the rib and the mobile bridge conveyor as the bridge unit was being moved to set up for mining in another heading.

(6) September 21, 2000 Consolidation Coal Co., Humphrey Mine Rotary Dump, Monongalia County. The sixth mining fatality of 2000 occurred on the surface area of this mine at the rotary dump.  The victim, a mechanic became caught between the rotary dump housing and a coal car.  He sustained crushing injuries. This is the fourth fatal accident this year at a coal handling facility.

(5) August 16, 2000 Consolidation Coal Co., Blacksville No. 2 Prep. Plant B.G.S. Contractors Inc. (contractor) Monongalia County. At approximately 10:30 a.m. the state's fifth mining fatality of 2000 occurred at a coal mine preparation plant.  A construction company employee was working over a Daniell vessel (a large fluid filled container that separates coal from slate) while standing on a 20-inch wide metal decking that was placed across the vessel.   The victim fell or was pulled into the vessel causing fatal injuries.

(4) August 14, 2000 Dakota Mining Inc., No. 2 Mine, Boone County. While attempting to re-anchor the trailing cable of a shuttle car, the victim was out in front of the shuttle care dragging the cable to the re-anchor location.  The canopy of the  shuttle car became lodged against the mine roof.  The operator of the car attempted to free the car by rocking it back and forth. The shuttle car suddenly became dislodged and struck the victim pinning him against the mine rib. 

(3) June 21, 2000 E Z Money Coal Co., Inc. No. 55 Mine, McDowell County.  The victim was performing pillar operations  in the number 7 entry on the mains section. A slickenside "Horse Back" measuring approximately 28'x32'x8' fell crushing him.   The miner helper also received serious injuries to his foot as a result of the fall.

March 2, 2000 Shadetree Specialties (contractor) Hobet Mining Co., H-23 Preparation Plant, Boone County.
The victim was removing electrical conduit at the preparation plant.   He was working from some grating which was located over the top of the Raw Coal Classifying Cyclone Tank.  The grating gave way causing the victim to enter the tank and drown.

(1) February 18, 2000 Williams Electric Inc. of WV., Wet Branch Preparation Plant, Kanawha County.  West Virginia experienced its first mining fatality of the year when an electrical contractor entered an enclosed surface substation to make an evaluation for a proposed move of the transformer.  The victim then climbed the side of the transformer  on a ladder built into the transformer and contacted a high voltage line located above the top of the transformer.  This line was approximately 12 feet above the ground. 

1999 Fatal Accidents
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(1) January 20, 1999 Fola Coal Company  Surface Mine No. 3, Clay/Nicholas County. A surface haulage accident occurred at 3:30 PM.  The victim, a rock truck driver, had backed his truck to the berm at the top edge of a valley fill and was in the process of dumping. The outer face of the valley fill sheared beneath the rear wheels of the truck, causing it to tumble to bottom of the slope. The fall was approximately 582 feet.

(2) March 12, 1999 Copperas Mining  Joe Branch No. 1, Wyoming County.  The victim, a roof bolter operator/ shuttle car operator was fatally injured when he was caught between the coal rib and shuttle car he was operating. This underground coal haulage accident occurred at 11:15 PM, the victim died March 13th.

(3) April 11, 1999 Elk Run Coal Company Chess Processing Plant, Boone County.  West Virginia's third fatal mining accident of 1999 occurred at this operation at approximately 2:15 p.m..   A bulldozer operator was pushing coal in the stockpile when the D-9 dozer fell into a void (cavity) created by a draw off feeder.

(4) June 28, 1999 Wiggles Trucking Company (contractor), Kanawha County.  Victim was hauling coal for Cannelton Industries, Dunn Coal and Dock Mine when he apparently lost control of his   truck.  As the  truck was coming out of a switchback, the victim jumped from the vehicle.  Apparently, the victim died of injuries sustained exiting the truck.  This was the victims' first day on this job.

(5) July 22, 1999 Fairfax Mining Co, Inc. No. 3 Mine Harrison County.  The victim, a Roof Bolter Operator was installing roof bolts and was struck by a piece of falling roof rock measuring 6 feet in length, by 6 to 8 inches thick. The victim had 10 years mining experience, two years at this job.

(6) July 26, 1999 Golden Chance Mining, Inc. No. 3 Mine, Mingo County.  The continuous mining machine was being moved backward.  The victim, a Miner Helper was hanging the cable on the mining machine when the machine moved (trammed) over an uneven spot in the mine floor causing the front of the machine to dip down and the back of the machine to raise up catching  the victim's head between the continuous miner boom and the top.  The victim had 28 years mining experience.

(7) September 18, 1999 Copperas Coal Corp., Winoc No. 1 Mine (Lightning Contract Service Inc.), Clay County.   The victim, a roofbolter,  was standing by the controls on the right side of the Fletcher Dual Head Roofbolting machine.  The operator, on the left side of the machine, was setting the ATRS, as the ATRS was pressurized against the top, a piece of rock 3.5 ft by 5.5 ft, fell from the ATRS back toward the machine between the right rib and the bolts on the right side.  The rock struck the victim on his back. The victim died October 14, 1999 of complications resulting from the injury.

(8) December 9, 1999 Savage Construction Co., Monongalia County.  The fatality occurred when a counterweight being removed from a crane for transportation purposed dislodged and fell.   The counterweight struck the victim and pinned him against the crane's frame.   The victim was employed by an independent contractor, and the accident occurred on the surface area of an underground mine.

(9) December 17, 1999 Coastal Coal LLC, Whitetail Mine, Preston County.  This fatal accident occurred when a section of mine roof / rib fell striking the remote control continuous miner operator in the back and shoulder.  The continuous miner was not in operation at the time of the accident and the victim was positioned on the left side of the machine when the fall took place.  The fall pinned the victim against the continuous miner.

1998 Fatal Accidents
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(1) January 20, 1998 Eastern Associated Coal Corp. Lightfoot No. 2 Mine, Boone County. A massive roof fall occurring at approximately 4:30 P.M. claimed the life of a roof bolter operator and injured another miner. The mining crew was conducting retreat mining (pillaring) when the accident happened.

(2) January 23, 1998 Performance Coal UBBMC Montcoal Eagle Mine, Raleigh County. A General Laborer sustained a fatal injury by Falling Material while working on an undercast. The undercast suddenly collapsed crushing the victim.

(3) February 3, 1998 R. and S. Mining Co., Mcdowell County. A roofbolter operator was fatally injured by a roof fall. The victim had disabled the ATRS and was cleaning the tray on the roof bolter and placed himself inby supported roof.

(4) February 26, 1998 Eagle Energy, Inc., No. 1 mine, Boone County. The victim, a mine foreman was fatally injured when he was struck by a falling rock. The rock struck the victim near the shoulder crushing his head against a continuous miner located in the area. The rock that fell measured approximately 12"x 12" x 50".

(5) June 12, 1998 Windfall Coal Co., No. 1 mine, Wyoming County.  Three workers were installing timbers in the No. 6 entry on a pillar section, when the roof began falling.  All three miners ran out of the area, but the victim was struck by falling roof, before he could get in the clear.

(6) August 8, 1998 Unique Mining Inq., No. 1 mine, Logan County.  A roofbolter operator was fatally injured when a section of roof fell while he was installing permanent roof support.   This was a new mine and had only been in operation for a few weeks.

1997 Fatal Accidents
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(1) January 31, Carter Roag Coal Co. No. 1-A Mine Randolph County. This underground haulage accident occurred approximately 4:40 P.M. The victim was positioned in the deck of a parked scoop which was being checked by the section electrician. Another scoop which was loaded with coal and proceeding toward the section loading point, struck the deck area of the parked scoop, fatally crushing the victim.

(2) February 6, Karco, Inc. Herndon Processing Co., Keystone Preparation Plant Wyoming County. A machinery related fatal accident occurred at this operation when the victim was crushed by a section of the boom of a bantam crane. The improperly supported boom of the model T-350 Bantam Crane fell on victim after he positioned himself under the boom to knock out the pins from the box boom hinge.

(3) March 18, Canon Coal Haulers (contractor), Inc. Nicholas County. Victim was driving a loaded coal truck from the mine site when the trailer tarping device came into contact with one phase of a 46,000 volt line crossing the road. Victim proceeded out of the truck, and released the tarp frame. The tarp frame was spring loaded and it hit the high voltage line while his hand was on the tarp release, the victim was fatally electrocuted.

(4) April 23, Meadow River Co. Meadow River Mine , Fayette County. Victim, an electrician was in the feeder repairing the water deluge system. The electrical system was not locked and tagged as required by law. For reasons unknown, the belt started and the victim was fatally injured by the bit breaker.

(5) May 13, G.L.W. Construction (contractor), Boone County. Working on a mine construction project, the victim, a general laborer was guiding a concrete bucket suspended from a crane. The crane came into contact with a high voltage overhead power-line, electrocuting the victim.

(6) July 29, Stollings Trucking Co., Inc., Boone County. While constructing an access road, a fatal, surface machinery accident occurred to an excavator operator. The victim was operating the excavator on an incline when it overturned and then rolled 75 feet down a steep embankment.

Copy of investigative reports are available from the WVMHST Charleston office through a written request under the Freedom of Information Act.  Applicable charges apply.

Note: The information obtained from these documents is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is not a substitute for current mining laws or regulations.  The state is not liable for any damages resulting from any information that unintentionally may be inaccurate or untimely.

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